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Dec. 11, 2023
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2021 Statute

Section Number

48-904 - Definitions.
48-905a - Division of emergency management, establishment.
48-907 - Powers and duties of adjutant general.
48-911 - Mobile support units; duties of adjutant general.
48-912 - Investigations and surveys; testimony and evidence; fees and mileage of witnesses.
48-914 - Lease, sale or loan of state property to federal or local governments; transfer of personnel; cities and counties authorized to contract.
48-915 - Immunity from liability of the state, local governments and certain individuals; Kansas tort claims act, applicability.
48-916 - Authority to accept services, gifts, grants and loans.
48-917 - Persons ineligible for employment.
48-919 - Employees, division of emergency management; expenses.
48-920 - Title of act.
48-922 - Purchase of accident insurance for volunteer workers by cities; coverage; immunity; definitions.
48-923 - Limitations on effect of act.
48-924 - Disasters; responsibilities of governor; state of disaster emergency; continuation, extension and termination; requirements of proclamation; activation of disaster response and recovery of state disaster plan; state of drought.
48-924a - Extension of state of disaster emergency declared for counties experiencing severe weather-related disaster on May 4, 2007.
48-924b - Extension of state of disaster emergency declared on March 12, 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 health emergency; revocation of existing executive orders.
48-925 - Powers of governor during state of disaster emergency; authorized orders, limitations; review by legislative coordinating council; revocation by legislature; civil action for relief from executive orders; powers of board of county commissioners, orders relating to public health.
48-925a - Limitations on powers of governor during COVID-19 state of disaster emergency; substantially burdening or inhibiting gathering or movement of individuals or operation of religious, civic, business or commercial activity; certain orders null and void.
48-925c - Operation and closure of school districts during COVID-19 state of disaster emergency; school district board of education as the sole authority; guidance by other governmental officials allowed; procedure to contest board action; civil action.
48-925d - Operation and closure of community college or technical college during COVID-19 state of disaster emergency; governing body as the sole authority; guidance by other governmental officials allowed; procedure to contest governing body action; civil action.
48-926 - State disaster emergency plan; rules and regulations.
48-927 - State resources management plan.
48-928 - Duties of division of emergency management.
48-929 - County and city disaster agencies; determination by governor; disaster emergency plans by county, city and interjurisdictional disaster agencies; duties of local officials.
48-930 - Interjurisdictional disaster agencies; finding and order by governor; disaster emergency plans; interjurisdictional agreements between counties; interstate mutual aid organizations, agreements, disapproval by legislature.
48-931 - Development and revision of state, local and interjurisdictional disaster plans; advice and assistance of local government, business and civic leaders.
48-932 - States of local disaster emergency; effect; powers and duties of county and city officials; civil action for relief from action by local unit of government.
48-933 - Duty of individuals during disaster emergencies; compensation for loss of property, exceptions; claims procedure.
48-934 - Duties and immunities of law enforcement, military and other authorized personnel.
48-935 - Force and effect of municipal ordinances during disaster emergencies.
48-936 - Immunity from liability for persons in control of certain premises.
48-937 - Communications systems during disasters; recommendations to governor.
48-938 - Federal grants to individuals and families; powers and duties of governor; amount of state share; maximum amount, determination.
48-939 - Civil penalty for intentional violation of act or rules and regulations, orders or proclamations thereunder; enforcement through civil action by the attorney general or county or district attorney; injunction or restraining order; criminal penalty for knowing violation of certain orders.
48-940 - Title of act.
48-941 - Definitions.
48-942 - Costs of emergency management plans and programs; fees.
48-943 - Rules and regulations; personnel.
48-944 - Administration of act.
48-945 - Declaration of state of emergency; exemption of drivers of utility service vehicles from certain requirements.
48-948 - Citation of act; purpose.
48-949 - Definitions.
48-950 - Kansas mutual aid system; participation by political subdivisions.
48-951 - Responsibilities of participating political subdivisions.
48-952 - Requests for assistance among participating political subdivisions.
48-953 - Obligation of participating political subdivisions to provide assistance; conditions.
48-954 - Recognition of license, certificate or other permit issued by participating political subdivision.
48-955 - Guidelines and procedures.
48-956 - Personnel of participating political subdivision; benefits.
48-957 - Nature of activities governmental; liability.
48-958 - Severability.
48-959 - Seizure of firearms prohibited during official state of emergency; cause of action created; attorney fees.
48-960 - Division of emergency management authorized to accept certain real property in Saline county.
48-961 - COVID-19 contact tracing privacy act; duties of secretary of health and environment and local health officers; regulation of persons acting as contact tracers; use of contact data, confidentiality; violations, remedies and penalties; rules and regulations; expiration of section.
48-962 - COVID-19 public health emergency; local health officers required to share certain information with first responder agencies; information not a public record.
48-963 - Same; physicians and other healthcare professionals; use of telemedicine authorized; limitations and requirements; abortion statutes not affected; expiration of section.
48-964 - Same; hospital operations; admittance of patients; use of non-hospital premises; notice to the department of health and environment; expiration of section.
48-965 - Same; healing arts temporary emergency licenses; issuance by state board of healing arts; requirements and purpose; expiration of section.
48-966 - Same; expanded practice by certain healthcare professionals; physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, registered nurse anesthetists, registered professional nurses, licensed practical nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, emergency medical services providers and certain students; expanded authority to practice for professionals from other states; liability; expiration of section.
48-967 - Severability; act concerning governmental response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in Kansas.
48-968 - Severability; governmental response to certain emergencies.
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